Check-in 12/20: Rome

We leave for Amsterdam early tomorrow morning. I still have one day left in Rome at the very tail end of our trip, but it’s been strange saying what I know are my last goodbyes to places and, especially, friends. Nearly everyone flew out early Saturday morning, after which Thaise and I closed up shop at the apartment in Monteverde and headed over to Old Moon Bar for one final cafe latte (with my newly arrived brother, Kai, in tow). Saturday night was one final goodbye to my favorite nightlife spot, Trastevere, where we combined the familiar cobblestone alleys and cozy bars with new friends (another Minnesotan, some Italian actors and a whole lot of Australians. And who knew there is a tea house in Trastevere?). Sunday was one final trip to the markets and one final karaoke song at Scholars. Then today was one final round of sightseeing—the Protestant Cemetery:

 Santa Maria degli Angeli:

 Villa Borghese:

 and Piazza Navona's Christmas market:

 Tonight we had one final dinner back in Trastevere, where Kai, Rena, Amy and I ate a huge four course meal that brought together some of the best ingredients from my time here (bringing on one final food coma).

It’s funny to say it to myself but it truly feels like I’m getting closure with Rome. This part of my life—this eye-opening, exhilirating and humbling 3.5 months in this city—is over, but I’m OK with that. I’m moving on to two weeks elsewhere in Europe, another semester at the Herald, life in Madison and wherever else the next months bring me, but I’ll have this with me constantly. It’s something unrepeatable and untouchable in my mind, and that’s both the saddest and most beautiful thing it could be.

So, on to Amsterdam. And cross your fingers with me that weather doesn’t delay Jess from reaching us there tomorrow!

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